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How to Lift the Rear of a 4x4 Suburban

    • 1). Pick a rear wheel to lift. It does not matter which you choose. However, you will need to secure the wheel diagonally across the vehicle. So, if you jacking the rear left wheel, then you will need to block off the front right with wheel chocks.

    • 2). Put the jack in its proper location. Your Suburban's manual will explain where 4x4 lift points are located throughout the vehicle. For the rear, the jack needs to go under the axle, near the wheel. There will be a jack-specific pad to mark the location.

    • 3). Rotate the jack's crank and slowly lift the wheel off the ground. Raise the wheel high enough so jack stand can be placed under the frame. Lower the Suburban onto the stand.

    • 4). Remove the jack from under the Suburban and move it to the remaining rear tire. Repeat the lifting proceedure, so that both rear wheels are off the ground. As a safety precaution, leave the blocks in front of both front tires.

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