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How to Mix Dough in a Mixer

    • 1). Assemble your mixer and attach the dough hook or paddles to the mixer power head.

    • 2). Add any wet ingredients into the mixer bowl. Blend with the paddle if needed.

    • 3). Mix together the dry ingredients in the recipe in a separate bowl. By combining the flour, salt and other dry ingredients in a bowl, you lessen the change of the salt destroying the yeast.

    • 4). Keep the mixer running and add 1 cup of the dry ingredients. As it is incorporated into the wet ingredients, continue to add the remainder of the flour mixture. This will keep the flour mixer from dusting over the top of the mixer bowl and spreading flour around the counter.

    • 5). Allow the mixer to knead the dough after it forms into a ball until the dough has reached the consistency called for in your recipe. Some bread recipes call for soft, moist dough while others may ask for a stiff dough.

    • 6). Remove the dough from the mixer and shape into loaves. Bake according to recipe instructions.

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