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What is Acne and Where Does it Come From?

Knowing the key facts about your acne is essential in helping you deal with this annoying skin complaint.
There's no point starting off on a journey to cure your acne without at least some understanding of what is causing your problem in the first place.
What Is Acne? The first step is to understand exactly what acne is.
Acne is a skin condition which usually just affects teens but it's not unusual to see acne affect people into their adult life.
A friend of mine is still suffering from "teen" acne and she's almost 30.
So you can't hope that acne will just happen during your teens - it could also follow you into later life.
What Causes Acne? Acne doesn't have just one single cause that you can easily figure out or track down.
Despite what the root cause might be the actual mechanics of how acne happens is always the same.
Oil produced to naturally lubricate your skin and protect it can block skin pores and allow an infection to build up underneath this blockage.
This infection grows from being a minor bleamish to being a full blown spot or blackhead on your face very quickly (sometimes overnight).
You Are What You Eat! Your diet can also be a factor in terms of causing acne for you.
Too much saturated fat in your diet will leave your body with more fat than it can use properly.
Try to cut down on the amount of fatty food and junk food that you eat.
Your overall health will improve and this will really show through in the condition of your skin.
How Do You Get Rid Of Acne? Treating your acne will depend on how severe it is and the actual root cause of the acne itself.
For most people drinking plenty of water and following a proper skin care routine (washing and cleansing your skin twice each day) will be enough.
For others it may require a visit to a dermatologist for further help.
Teenage acne is usually the type that most people are looking for help with.
This type of acne is part of the growing process.
A healthy diet, exercise, exposure to natural sunlight and proper skin care and cleansing are the key steps here.
Remember that regardless of how bad your acne is, there is always something you can do about it.

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