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964 Porsche Carrera Facts and Sale

The Carrera 964 is a sports car, the car manufacturer Porsche . It is the successor of the Porsche 911 "G" model in 1988 and came to the market.

The 964 has both rear-wheel drive Carrera 2, and with all-wheel drive Carrera offers 4th Generally, the Porsche 964 contained many innovations that were not offered the previous model, such as power steering and ABS.

The engine power of 964 ranges from 184 kW (250 hp) for the Carrera models up to 265 kW (360 hp) in the turbo model.

Model Development:

After a production period of the Porsche 911 of more than 15 years, a model change was urgently needed. Porsche was in the late 1980s in a severe crisis. The Porsche 944 , the Porsche had achieved its greatest revenue, to sell more with the expected numbers.

Also changed is the clientele who wanted to drive a Porsche 911th It was in the buying decision is no longer the pure driving performance of the car in the foreground, but the ride comfort. The construction of the 911 was based in its fundamentals still at the level of the 1960s and was in many parts out of date. Although the 911 was always improved, but was the end of the commercially meaningful opportunities achieved.

To return to offer a modern and marketable vehicle, can the Porsche designed 964th In developing this model, Porsche thanks to earlier prototypes and production models such as the legendary Porsche 959 has access to a wealth of know-how.

The 964 therefore contains many innovations that it was not the classic Porsche 911: first time at the Porsche 964 with a mass-produced car was offered with four-wheel drive. The new concept was a simplified version of the 959-wheel-drive technology.

Furthermore rejected Porsche used for 40 years torsion bar suspension of the types 356 and 911: The 964 a completely new aluminum chassis with has McPherson struts in front and coil springs rear. Power steering and ABS were standard, the new 3.6 liter engine was a twin-spark ignition with knock control and fully controlled three-way catalyst .

Despite the many innovations, which totaled 964 at about 80%, the sales name Porsche 911 was still maintained, the term 911 was already at this point too strongly associated with Porsche, as that would have been able to dispense it. Also evident that the Porsche 964 with its properties exactly what the customer expected 911 in the late 1980s by a modern sports car.

Was supported by the marketing with a reputable agency Jung von Matt designed catchy advertising:
"You can have breakfast any longer. They are used to back for dinner. Is there a better family car? "
The Porsche 964 was very successful and is now well on the used car market is very popular.

The Body:

Sold from the 1988 Porsche 964 is the first major revision to the 911-body style built since 1973 to "G" model .

The G-model has been revised in many respects, with the largest changes are observed externally on the bumpers. The new bumpers were compared with those of the previous model has failed and been more controversial among Porsche fans.

By the aerodynamically-effective body shape and especially because the full panel of the car floor when a hitherto unattained 911 was lower drag with a drag coefficient of 0.32 achieved. Thus achieved a 964 with 250 hp, the same top speed of around 260 km / h as a 37 kW (50 hp) more Porsche 911 Turbo (Type 930) from the old G-series. The automatically at a speed of 80 km / h and dive rear spoiler replaced the 964 Carrera models with all the previously optional fixed rear spoiler. This causes in addition to the improved aerodynamics and improved engine cooling.

Initially the car was only offered in the four-wheel version Carrera 4 and offered in parallel with the Model 911 Carrera 3.2 of the old form. From 1989 (model year 1990/L-Programm) was the Porsche 964 rear-wheel drive available as a Carrera 2. Both models were in the body types Coupe , Cabriolet and Targa sold.

The top-model 911 Turbo based on the 964 came in model year 1991 (M) program on the market. In this model, many features of the old turbo model ( Porsche 930 ), such as the wide fenders over the front and rear and large fixed rear spoiler.

In the year 1993 (model year 94/R-Programm), the Speedster was built as a separate model of the 964 series in a small series of only 930 pieces. As a basis for the Speedster was the 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet with shortened windshield and revised roof design. Particularly striking while the rear view of the two "humps" is.

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