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Barbecue Food Ideas

    Main Dishes

    • Choose a main dish that is easy to grill and cooks quickly. Hamburgers and hot dogs are favorite barbecue menu items. Make them more tasty by offering toppings such as a crockpot chili for hot dogs, guacamole and salsa for hamburgers or sauteed onions (which can be made while you are cooking if you have a side burner).

      Steak is another great barbecue main dish. Generously salt and pepper the meat before grilling. It takes about eight minutes per side to cook a 1-inch-thick piece of steak to medium. You can also use a meat thermometer to ensure it's done.

      Chicken and ribs are great on the grill as well.


    • Potato salad and macaroni salad are barbecue side dishes, but they aren't the best for hot summer days because mayonnaise-based dishes can easily spoil. Instead, try a pasta salad, Caprese salad or German potato salad, which have an oil and vinegar dressing. Tossed salads and Greek salads also work well with a barbecue.

    Side Dishes on the Grill

    • Create a side dish on the grill with foil aluminum packets. Place vegetables in the center of the foil and add a drizzle of oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some herbs. Just fold the foil into a sealed packet and cook next to the main dish.

      Another barbecue side-dish is corn on the cob. You can either remove all the silk from the corn and wrap it in its own husk to cook or remove the husk and silk and wrap in foil.

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