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Golf Pitching and Chipping Shot - Know How to Execute Properly

Perhaps there are people that do not care if they look like an old hag but I do.
Then I would fight wrinkles and age spots until the day I die.
I didn't say that I would not have them, but I did say I would fight them.
They do matter to me.
My appearance is very important to me and I intend to do everything I can to prevent it, not just let it happen to me.
I don't think people have to be old and wrinkled just because they have aged.
Both events do not necessarily go hand in hand.
As in my family my mother did not have a wrinkle on her face when she died at 72 (the nurses thought she was in her 40's).
My grandmother died at 72 with skin as smooth as a young girl.
She stayed out of the sun all her life and her skin was like peaches and cream.
On the other hand, my aunt (my mother's sister) lived in Arizona all her life.
She refused HRT and died of heart disease and looked in her 90's with wrinkles and sagging skin.
She was only 74 when she died.
With a little effort everybody can be buried with attractive skin and body, but it takes some effort and a lot of women don't have the desire to work at it.
Who said I was too old to die young? I am going to be 55 this year.
I do not consider myself old.
Age is actually a state of mind and I am only 16 in my heart.
How old are you in your heart?

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