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Step Up and Be the Progressive Leader

Today I have a special message specifically for the MLM Leaders and MLM Corporate owners or Network Marketers and Affiliate marketers.
You are the people I am directing my message to today!  There's a big shift that's taken place which affects you, the above leaders directly.
It's time to step up and be the progressive leader.
In general my messages are mostly directed to distributors however, I am aware that in my list I have many MLM Leaders and Corporate owners as well.
When I say MLM Leaders and Corporate owners I'm referring to those of you who are adaptive or progressive leaders and owners.
There have been some huge changes in the MLM/Networking Marketing Industry which I keep up to date with on a consistent basis, keeping you up to date with the latest changes on the internet but most of all I've been keeping you updated with the latest marketing techniques.
What's the game changer here and what puts you in the category of an adaptive/progressive leader? Well, it all has to do with the internet.
Let me explain.
Way back when, it used to be that you could have full control of the information your distributors were receiving.
They would come to your coffee meetings, your hotel meetings and your home meetings and you had total control about all the information your distributors were receiving.
As little as 10 years ago this was still happening...
and it's still happening in smaller circles today.
However, this is not how it works anymore.
I really think most of you now realise the change that's happened, however it's how you respond to this change that qualifies you and makes you a progressive leader.
Let me explain further.
The progressive leader works with the change where the old school leader is afraid of the change and clings to the old ways.
The reality is that you just can't run a profitable business using old school methods.
It's like you are possibly trying to gag your team because you are the only one they should be listening to, because your way works.
And yes, it may have worked 10 years ago and was the MLM blueprint going back 50 years ago, but in today's market these methods just aren't working any more.
Why? Well let just run over a few things that happen today online.
While your distributors are at your hotel meeting they could be popping your name into the search engines on their iPhone or laptop to check you out.
When they can't find you they start to think you have no standing as a leader in your industry.
You just can't escape the fact that we have far more intelligent, savvy and smart business people in today's market and you just can't pull the wool over their eyes anymore.
The progressive leaders today get that and this fact can still be an enormous challenge.
Think about this..
one of those smart savvy business people on your team has access to the latest most up to date training on the internet to learn how to grow their business, and here is the scary part for some leaders, not the progressive leaders of course.
Your downline member, the smart savvy one I mentioned above, can go flying right past you and that is a real possibility in today's market.
Perhaps you've already seen this happen with your downline.
Wondering how you can overcome this happening to you? The first fact is you need to accept that this is happening daily and you need to grow and evolve as a different leader.
How would that make you look? The possibility of you becoming a more transparent, open and honest leader is THE place to start to be that resource leader, the person your team comes to because you have the above qualities.
Another approach to this is you could do it as a team, even if you're not sure what's out there in the way of resources your team will have more respect for you if you join forces with them and approach these new resources together.
New leaders in MLM and Network marketing are comfortable having new leaders develop around them and they are certainly not intimidated by their people.
They get excited, inspired by and motivated by their team development and this leaves the old school leader behind.
My message to you is, it's time that you were willing to learn the new ways of the progressive leader and I'm here to support your efforts.
As I said earlier I'm keeping up to date with these new growth aspects of the internet and I'm always gathering new content to help you move forward and grow your business to a new level.
I personally want to empower you to become the leader in your MLM or Network Marketing business so you can step up and be that progressive leader that will actually attract the best people into your business.
But, if you are still operating in the old school way, you will most definitely lose those people.
These people are learning new skills and genuinely will go flying past you in the income stakes if you don't start to take action now and be that progressive leader.

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