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Blending Successful Business With Successful Relationships

It can be easy to believe that once a man reaches a predetermined level of business success that his partner will be a happier and more accepting individual.
This simply doesn't make linear sense if we back up and look at it.
Our society tends to hold money up as the great big prize, yet more couples with incomes over $100,000 end up divorced every year.
While a lack of money can be stressful, money isn't a key to any type of successful relationship, unless you want your only successful relationship to be with your bank teller.
When you begin the ladder of success, you are focused and driven, often using your future happiness as a goal and reward.
In reality, we can be rather happy at any stage of the ladder if we love and are loved without judgment or blame.
You are not responsible for her happiness, and she is not responsible for your happiness.
Each of you is responsible for your own sense of wellbeing in the world.
When she completes you or you complete her, you are victimizing yourselves and living in a codependent relationship.
Money isn't going to complete you or her, either.
Money is a necessary commodity, but it isn't the root of anything evil or divine.
It just is.
Happiness comes from within and a successful relationship starts with loving each other without judgment and listening to each other with open and honest hearts.
Growing together is one of the joys of having someone with you while you work your way up the ladder.
Pinning your happiness on a future success is wasteful and time ignorant.
You are only granted so much time here on earth.
Why decide to put off your happiness and appreciation of each other until after your income hits the big time? It almost seems counter productive to me.
Instead of waiting to be happy with each other, find creative ways to determine your own happiness and appreciation of each other.
In this world with the time we have, it's a more devoted and intentional use of the time we have.

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