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How to Beat "Need for Speed: Underground"

    • 1). Start the game and enter Underground Mode. You can play "Need for Speed: Underground" in race modes like with the other "Need for Speed" games, but the game's title mode is the primary challenge. In Underground, you build a street-racing career by completing challenges around the city. The first race is half-tutorial, half-tease. You see some of the later cars in the race and get a feel for the controls. Complete the initiation challenge -- the first race -- to enter the city.

    • 2). Select one of the five cars shown on-screen and get ready to try to win some money. After you complete the first race you get a free car and can begin racing. You now have to compete in five types of challenges, which you can do it any order. The locations are marked on your map. Race in each of the five -- a circuit, a sprint, a drift, a drag and a lap knockout race -- before you can start playing Underground Mode in earnest. These five races not only give you a sense of what's upcoming in the game, but you can also earn money toward new cars and upgrades.

    • 3). Drive around the city looking for races. As you complete races and earn money you'll gain fame and attract better races for more money. Spend your money on upgrades or new cars. Some cars don't unlock until you reach a certain level of fame, so check back at the shops regularly. In total, you need to complete 111 events to pass Underground mode. You can adjust the difficulty throughout the game if you find some of the races too difficult, but at a certain stage the computer-driven cars perform in relation to your driving record and car. If you have a souped-up car and a bunch of first-place finishes, the AI adjusts to make the game more difficult for you. Downgrading your car will downgrade your opponent's cars by association; you might find racing slower, but easier.

    • 4). Finish all 111 challenges to pass the game. For hints and cheats, or to find out the specific intersections of all Underground Mode races, check out the FAQ and Walkthroughs in References.


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