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What Is the Meaning of Seizure?

    Generalized Seizures

    • Generalized seizures are seizures that involve the entire brain. When people think of seizures, they generally envision the individual's losing consciousness and convulsing. This is called a grand mal seizure and falls into this category.

    Partial Seizures

    • Partial seizures only affect a small portion of the brain. These seizures may result in alteration of a sensory function such as causing unusual vision or auditory sensations or may cause involuntary movements or fidgeting.


    • Many seizures cause involuntary movement. This may manifest as convulsions or a small tick. They also often cause a loss of awareness resulting in the person's losing consciousness or a short spell during which the person stares into space. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, symptoms typically last no longer than 15 minutes.


    • Seizures may be caused by a variety of conditions. Often they are brought on by conditions affecting the brain such as brain injury, brain tumors, or diseases such as dementia, meningitis, or epilepsy. Alcohol withdrawal and drug use may also result in seizures.


    • Epilepsy is a disease characterized by recurrent seizures. It is often treatable with medication and dietary changes. In some cases brain surgery may be required for treatment.

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