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the I'd like to call my thanks also to Provo stone and to the committee and I'm in by means biography I'm a local kid I grew up in Cincinnati and came here from my residency in training and began a journey that I'll share with you a little bit in part because in order to matriculate through medical school accepted a scholarship in the air force but what I want to show you today was perhaps a little bit different perspective
we on the eastern and the campus involved in the College of Medicine I'm are academicians and share their college title with you but sometimes it brings us a little bit different direction people talk about the fog of war I owe this to my good friend Oct penne baker from the center for enhancement teaching and learning showed me and what we did is gather up some my emails to my family and friends and this is a word all this is kind of the fog but I still reflect back on I've had the opportunity to deploy on five separate occasions for to Iraq and Afghanistan trying to sort out my thoughts to share with you and this represents summer
the word bites a what will show you today when thinking about how to present this I will share with you a personal am issue that when I left here in form first deployment I was privilege to be the director University household level trauma center and having been in the military then for some twenty two years is my fervent hope that after I came back from Iraq I could promise mothers and fathers in our community that they're brave enough to send their sons and daughters to war that our country would provide them thievery best of care overseas and that their care would be equivalent to what I was doing is a trauma director here in Cincinnati I will tell you now points later I will share with you that journey that now tell parents in Cincinnati Ohio that their children are alive at our trauma center because the lessons we have brought back as we must I'm from the offensive the last years many people may not actually realize that's nice truly unique the University Hospital and our department of surgery we are one of five centers in the United States that is partnered with the military and we have a center called see stars and over the course of the next hopefully few minutes I'll try to share with you what she starred Shirley is but it's truly a unique in a unique Cincinnati collaboration with everyone from our health care system to you see surgeons United States Air Force the city Cincinnati and all its c Elliskin itizens and our own University but to begin the journey this is last year this time this is where I was at this is Craig theater hospital this at Bigram airbase at the base at the Hindu Kush we were at feet as in the nestled in the key Hindu Kush that's what it look like from above it actually an old Russian

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