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Medical Transcription Outsourcing - Providing Innovative Solutions

The process of medical transcription has evolved a lot since the beginning to accommodate changing demands of the healthcare sector, by providing innovative solutions to make life easier for healthcare professionals and other members of healthcare facilities.
  How does outsourcing medical transcription provide innovative solutions? The word "Innovative" has been described as a new way of doing something, making the old method more useful, incremental, revolutionary changes in thinking, increasing value and overall bringing about positive change.
Let us see how this service fits into this definition of innovation.
  • New way of doing something-These services have been constantly adapting technology to add features to services, which can benefit healthcare professionals and other staff enormously.
    A good example of this point would be remote printing and faxing of reports.
    This results in cutting short a lot of steps in the process of document delivery.
  • Making the old method more useful-Use of Internet has quickened the entire process eliminating the need for the physical presence of the transcriptionist to provide these services.
    Adding features like archiving has made life much easier for healthcare professionals and support staff enabling them to locate medical records instantaneously
  • Revolutionary changes in thinking-Outsourced services have brought about revolutionary changes in the way a healthcare professional is able to manage his/her limited time by allowing them to use familiar modes of dictation, instead of forcing them to adhere to any particular method as prescribed by the transcription vendor
  • Increasing value-The service of creating patient medical records has added value to the basic service of listening to the audio recordings of healthcare professional and converting them into text format, by having transcriptionists trained in specialties.
    This has added value to these services by ensuring the team working on the dictation understands the nuances of the service required and provides transcripts with maximum accuracy and minimum turnaround time
  • Bringing positive change-By use of technology, positive changes have been bought about in the process by securing confidential patient data at all stages

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