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How to Resize Patterns for Dog Clothing

    • 1). Measure around the chest of a dog that fits the original pattern. Measure around the chest of the dog for whom you want the new pattern to fit. Divide the second measurement by the first, then multiply by 100 to get your resizing factor. (For example, 24 inches divided by 20 inches equals 1.2; 1.2 times 100 equals 120.)

    • 2). Scan your original pattern pieces into your computer. Open one of the scanned pattern pieces with your favorite graphics program.

    • 3). Open the "Resize" function (most likely this is in the "Image" menu). Change both the height and width from 100% to your resizing factor (for example, 120%). Click "Okay." Save your new image.

    • 4). Select "Print" from the "File" menu. Choose "Actual Size" or "100%" for the size options. Click "Okay" or "Print."

    • 5). Repeat resizing and printing with all your pattern pieces. Cut out all new pattern pieces.

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