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Building a new house can be one of the most wonderful, exciting and often stressful times in a home owner's life.
Careful consideration of the proper house floor plan can go a long way in reducing the amount of stress associated in building your new home.
The most important factors to consider in choosing your house floor plan blueprint are your family's size, lifestyle and habits.
Family size is the most important indicator of how many square feet of living space will be required.
The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and size of the common living areas should also be considered.
A small house floor plan might be perfect for a single person, a married couple just starting their family, or retired persons who are downsizing after the last child has left home.
The single house floor plan lends itself to many different popular styles with the ranch style house floor plan being the most popular style in America.
A larger family would obviously be in need of more square feet and larger living areas.
Lifestyle is another important aspect to consider when choosing a house floor plan.
Some good questions to ask are: 1.
Where will the new home be located? 2.
How many different kinds of activities will take place in the new house? 3.
What amenities do my family expect to enjoy in the new house? Giving serious thought to these questions will help filter through the mind boggling array of house floor plan choices available and lead you to the right decision for your family.
Family habits should come into play when building a new home.
Do you have children that need their own space to play, do homework, or just hang out with friends? If the answer is yes, then a play room, game room, or computer nook should be considered.
A two story house floor plan might fit the bill very nicely with Mom and Dad upstairs where they can relax, and the children in the game room downstairs or in the basement with a separate entrance for the ever revolving parade of friends.
Whatever your family's requirements, the end result should be a home where each member of the family can feel comfortable and secure.

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