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Top Romantic Pickup Lines

To say that being romantic is an art form would not be disputed much.
This is because to express romance or some deep affection for another individual is by no means an easy feat.
While there are countless ways with which to say and show that you actually like someone from the opposite sex, not all of it could be viewed as something that is sincere, or truly comes from the heart.
But, once it is established that the romantic ways that one person is expressing is true, then good things could follow.
A primary ingredient of being romantic and convincing everyone else around is sincerity.
To show that everything you say and do is real could be a challenge, but one only needs to show his true self and that every action or word is motivated by deep emotion like love.
Being sincere could win over and triumph even against the most difficult situations, and can be a useful element of romantic pickup lines.
Making use of pickup lines usually elicits mixed reactions, and it should not come as a surprise.
Pickup lines range from the proven and effective to the funny and downright silly.
While it can be argued that the effectiveness of romantic pickup lines should be viewed on the context of a case to case basis, there are still that have proven to be more effective than others.
Here are a few of what are considered to be on the top ten of most romantic pickup lines lists: 1.
) Be honest with me, how bad were you hurt when you fell straight from heaven? 2.
) Hey Miss, I believe you dropped something.
That would be my jaw! 3.
) Don't you feel tired? Because you have been running in my mind all day long.
) How could I help but fall in love, especially when you are the one who pushed me down? These are just a few of the hundreds, or possibly even thousands, of the top romantic pickup lines that are used all the time.
Some come across as sincere and truly romantic, thereby eventually leading to success and happiness, while others do not even merit any reaction.
But hey, that is how love works, you never really know what you are going to get.
As with all relationships though, you can often get away with some of the cheesiest things if you can say it with the utmost sincerity.

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