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Colour Matchmaking and Combinations

The colours that you choose to adorn the walls of your home could help you enhance a beautiful detail, or subdue an undesirable one. It creates a certain ambience or mood in a room and this can change from room to room. The colours in your hall can be bright and vibrant and lively, while the ones in your bedroom can be mellow and soothing. Based on the size and function of your room, you will have to decide what colour paintsand shades to use on which walls. Different tones or shades and colours can help enhance the shape of the room, and can compliment the furniture in the room. Also make sure that you have a theme in mind, and that your fabric and flooring define this theme.

To help add drama, and create a feel of intimacy to go with your classical design, shades of violet are the best choice for you. Different shades of violet can be paired with colours like orange or green and twilight sky to create a perfect classical hall or dining area. Like violet, another colour that adds certain oomph to any combination of colours is red. It can be added as a small splash on a pillar, or even on an entire wall to add that excitement and energy. A rich, romantic, intense, flamboyant and passionate colour, red in any room and even in small quantities will always be noticed.

If you prefer slightly subdued, yet noticeable modern colours, take a look into peaches and oranges. Available in numerous shades, these shades give a comfortable and elite look, along with adding a sense of space. Shades like glowing rust, and orange silk also add a vibrant and bold touch to the room. When looking for soothing colours and completely toned down walls, browns and beiges are the colours to look for. Associated with the colour of the earth, it has a certain security about it, which makes it work well in kitchens and dining areas. It also adds certain calmness to the walls of a bedroom. These colours work best when paired with yellow light and rich furnishings.

While these tips may help you decide on what colour to start with, colour matchmakingis not a perfect science. The colours you choose will also have to depend on the walls in your home, and the columns and pillars. Depending on this you can either use one or two colours or maybe even five and six colours in a single room. The colours you choose will decide the attitude and ambience of your home, so remember to pick wisely.

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