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Mob Rule, Tribulation, And The Future Of Democracy

The French revolution of 19775 was a landmark in the political history of France.
That and the Bolshevik revolution are watersheds in the history of mob rule.
But these were isolated cases as it affects the countries in question - in this case, France and Russia.
Even in mob rule, at the end of the day, leaders of the mob usually emerge from their ranks.
Or else the mob is hijacked by other interests that lead away from the original purpose of the mob action.
Currently, the world has been witnessing the rule of the mob spreading all over the world.
For this, Tunisia will always be a reference point as the trigger for the rest of Europe and Arab world.
From what is going on, we need no crystal ball to recognize that this is just a harbinger of what is to be expected in future.
By the time the mob rule enters America, the rest of Europe may have been comatose and then economy, which is tottering as at present, will begin to crumble.
As at present, desperate efforts are being made to pretend that all is well.
Appearances has to be put up to deceive others about the possession of apparent well beings so as to attract the investment that will bring about the actual economic well being - a case of debt-ridden job seeker dressing in a thousand-dollar dress suit to impress a prospective employer.
This is, of course, a temporary palliative and very soon the mask will be torn away.
The Munich re-insurance company, the Munich Re, has noted that the cost of national disasters has increased.
It noted that the first half of 2011 already surpasses the claims for 2005, one of the highest in recent times.
It is also a trend that the second half of every year showcases more natural disasters than the first half.
As the 2012 window approaches, conjectures are rife that it is going to be disaster year.
With the U.
rating crisis, European debt crisis, African famine, Arab riots and crisis of Islamic fundamentalism, China's profile seem to be rising in geometric progressions particularly as it lost its nearest competitor in Asia, Japan, to the Tsunami crisis.
No thanks to U.
for handing over their triple A rating to China in quest for low production costs, unwittingly transferring their technology to China.
Today, America is highly indebted to China, to the tune of Trillions of dollars.
So what actually is the significance of the crisis all over the world? I will try to explain based on my poor understanding of the work In The Light of Truth the Grail Message.
In the beginning, mankind was ruled, not by temporal kings, but by priests who were connected to their level of conception of the all highest.
Thus kings were also priests, even during the time of our ancestors, who rely on the priests for the administrative running of our societies.
That was how the Chaldean came to be the leaders of the world, for the school systems were tied to spirituality, and the chief priest of Chaldea was the de facto head of all institutions of higher learning, to whom most first grade world leaders defer.
Sargon, for example, was such a chief priest in Chaldea when the Pyramid of Giza was built.
The same culture was continued at the early stages of the history of the Jews, until they became too material and started demanding for a temporal king.
Even at that, priests and prophets are provided for them to help them in administrative decisions.
The fact that they demanded for kings brought about failure of mankind.
Hence the next stage came the period of the rulership of the earth through kings who are expected, apart from having advisers who are spiritually inclined, to be themselves of high spiritual connection.
Hence the kings have "divine rights" to rule.
Then again, more and more kings ruled without any connection with spirituality, and handled everything intellectually.
Hence Tyrants developed and their activities later became the rule rather than the exception.
That too failed, and the next step became the transitional step.
The transitional step happens to be democracy, where the people choose their leaders by themselves.
It throws up some weakness.
The people themselves do not really know what they want.
Thus those who want to lead had to use lies, slander, promises to and intimidation of the electorate to coerce the people to vote for them, to the extent that the best never gets to be chosen.
Even these days, the majority don't choose them anymore, they choose themselves and fraudulently claim the majority chose them.
All these point out minor weaknesses of the concept of Democracy.
But the major weakness lies in the fact that it completely opposes the Divine factor in leadership.
And in this day and age, there is ardent longing for the spiritual.
And this is the main reason for the proliferation of religious leaders who hold the loyalty of the people more than the political leaders.
The political leaders need to use coercion to rule, while the "spiritual" leaders get their followers to submit to them willingly.
However, the collapse of Democracy within this century is presenting itself in sigma, and the leadership will go back to the Sargon era.
All schools will become spiritual schools and the Divine right of kings to rule will be re-established since the appointment of these kings will be a result of spiritual "callings" and no longer elections.
The current pro-democracy rallies are but the prologue to the total breakdown of law and order through economic collapse that will engender famine.
All the man hours last in protests to unseat governments and consequent lack of productivity will result in unprecedented famine in the world which will in turn engender worse riots and demonstrations - a deadly vicious cycle.
Apart form that, natural disasters will increase astronomically from year to year.
And religious fundamentalists will increase their havoc in a bid to escape this earth to a place where licentiousness awaits them.
This is the great tribulation of which the horrors will be fully triggered off by the appearance of a sign in the sky, when the pontiff will change country.
The sign in the sky is also called the great comet or the sign of the son of man.

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