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Pet Ferret Supplies

When getting a pet ferret, there is a myriad of supplies you need in order to care for it.
Some are consumable and should be factored into your yearly budget.
Others should be a one-time cost.
There is also some wiggle room when it comes to replacements.
Your first major purchase for your pet ferret is going to be its cage.
It should have enough space to allow your ferret the necessities of eating, sleeping, and using the litter tray.
Most single ferret cages run between $50 and $200.
On your list of things to put in your ferret's cage includes food and water dishes, a hammock (optional, but recommended), and some bedding.
Aim to make the food and water dishes heavy enough so they can't be knocked over.
The hammock can be used for a toy or for sleeping (ferrets enjoy sleeping in various places).
The bedding can be an old t-shirt or anything soft with some give to it.
If the cage has wire flooring, you may also want to consider adding some solid flooring to cover it.
This is not for aesthetic purposes, but to keep your pet ferret from hurting its feet.
Ferrets have an undeniable energy, and with that energy comes a need to play.
Be sure to give them enough toys to keep them happy and active.
Be careful with the type of toys though, as some can be choked on.
Many owners find that both they and their pet ferret like going on walks.
For this activity, you need a full-body ferret harness.
Do not repurpose a dog harness as it will not work out well.
You may want to give it a test run before you go outside to make sure your ferret doesn't squeeze out of it.
The last of your supplies is ferret food.
There is a ton of information about the pet ferret diet, and it can seem overwhelming, but if you go online or to a pet superstore you can find ferret food.
This will make it easier on you.
Don't feed them random food or table scraps unless you know more.
They can't digest fiber, so be careful.

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