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What About Chubby Girls And Hot Guys - A Dream Or Reality?

Do hot guys only like skinny girls? Can a hot guy ever fall for chubby girl? Do you think men only cares about looks in a girl or is he also after personality? Read on to see if it is remotely possible for a super hot guy to ever fall for a chubby girl.

Do you know that if guy spots a woman, oozing with sex appeal and she puts on a snobbish personality, she is already a turn off to a guy? Believe it or not, it is true most of the time. Well, if the same type of woman offers sex initially, it can get him very interested, but usually a lasting relationship after this is out of the question. To a good man, a fun, pleasant and outgoing personality is what he is after. Weight or looks are not really that important to him in a lasting relationship.

If a chubby girl gives enough time for a hot guy to get to know her winning personality, you will see that he would easily fall for her. The question now is how this guy will take notice. A repetitive exposure with this guy will give a chubby girl enough chance to show her persona and eventually, can win him over a skinny girl. Again, another HOW? Here's how…

Possibilities are endless to have a hot guy fall for a chubby girl but there are two things that would work best.

First, you must believe in yourself. Be confident and be self assured. Believe without a doubt that you are beautiful. Think of the things that your friends and family find attractive in you and flaunt it. A firm belief will manifest itself in your personality making it noticeable. A guy always wants someone who has a positive outlook in life. Use this attitude to draw him in. Befriend him and show him that you are fun to be with; be there when he needs you and let him feel at ease with you. Once this happens, you will notice that he would be inclined to seeing you more often and would want your company other than those skinny girls.

Secondly, do not feel frustrated if nothing is happening at first. It would help to maintain that positive aura that you have developed within your personality for people to notice it. Be with friends or people who share that same thinking that beauty is not just superficial but it is something special within oneself. Any good guy will take notice of this in a personality and will surely be interested. You will be surprise to know that this hot guy could easily fall for a chubby, yet beautiful girl like you.

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