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What Are Key Requirements of Australia General Skilled Migrant Program?

Given the chance, who wouldn't want to move to Australia and live there? After all, it is such a fantastic country with amazing landscapes, valleys, reefs and apart from the natural beauty. It also offers optimum economic growth for skilled professionals.
For skilled professional, the Australian immigration policy has listed a different category of visa, called the Australia General Skilled Migrant Program. In this program, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has laid-out a scheme in which overseas skilled workers/professionals can apply for the visa (under the circumstance when the employer is not sponsoring the applicant).
Australia General Skilled Migrant Program: Chief Prerequisites
Before applying for this form of visa, one should check if he meets with the minimum eligibility criteria.
1. One should of either 50 or under 50 years of age.
2. Competent knowledge of English
3. Post-secondary qualification
4. Professional skills needed
5. Nominated occupation must be a part of the skilled occupations list laid out by the government
6. Recent work experience of 1 year (out of last 24 months/2 years)
7. In case no recent work experience is available, one should have Australian qualification exemption
8. Skills Assessment (done by the Australian Authorities)
Duration of Visa Process
The time for permit processing varies from one category to another. For applications filed under the Skilled Migration categories, the general process period is 6-12 months.
On Applicant's spouse and children
On a principal's Australia General Skilled Migrant Program application, the applicant's family can be included. Family members include (as per the immigration law) Husband/wise/lawful partner/cohabiting partner, children (anyone under the age of 18), and other depending member of the family (such as old parents). Children above the age of 18 are also taken into consideration if the applicant is successful in proving that they are indeed dependent on him for food, shelter and other basic needs.
Nominated Occupations
To check whether your nominated occupation is on the list of immigration ministry, just go through the MODL list (Migration occupations in the demand list).
How to file application?
You can file the application on your own, or avail the services of a professional immigration agent. If you are doubtful regarding any aspect of the program, or the visa application, then seek-out an experienced agent or consultancy. Such immigration consultancies specialize in providing all information regarding requirements, eligibility, and documents needed to be attached with the application, and everything else necessary to know for the applicant.
Other than this, it is also the consultancy/agent's job to help and submit the application of the candidate with the right official, and keep the candidate updated on process status.
Right Agent for your application
In this field, while looking for a consultant, you will find several fake who will say that your applications will be accepted for sure. But be on your guard against such fake people as the agent's work doesn't interfere with the immigration official's decision. Thus, acceptance and/or refusal of the application are out of the advisor's power.

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