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How to Make a Woman Want You Sexually - 3 Tips for Getting Her Turned On

Ask just about any straight male if they'd like to be able to get women turned on by them a little more often and they are going to nod their head yes.
Being able to make a woman want you sexually is a desire that is pretty much ingrained in you.
Yet, most men seem to have a hard time being able to do this.
That's why so many guys end up in the friend zone with women, or in a relationship that just doesn't have the spice to it that they crave.
These 3 tips are going to make it easy for you to make a woman want you sexually and get her turned on at the same time: 1.
Women are turned on by guys who act like guys.
As weird as it sounds to say this, a lot of guys don't come across this way when they are attracted to a woman.
They try to be her friend and in doing that, they lose some of that masculine edge that really attracts a woman sexually.
It's good to want to have things in common or to be able to talk to her, but you don't want to lose that masculine edge that really makes her feel sexual attraction.
There is a difference between talking dirty and talking nasty.
For the most part, nasty is not the way to go, yet a lot of men make this mistake when they try to talk dirty.
Instead of using language that gets her aroused and gets her imagination fired up, they use language that sounds like it belongs in a really bad adult movie.
It's not bad to talk dirty to a woman, if you know how to do it and it comes across arousing to her and not flithy.
You have to know how to use your body language to get her turned on.
Some guys think that they know how to use their body language right, but if you are not really getting the results that you want, then there probably is some improvement that needs to be made.
When your body language is right, you are going to be able to make her feel sexually attracted to you on a primal level.
That's the level that you want to be able to attract her on, so this is a good area to work on if you want to be able to get a woman turned on by you.

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