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How to Take The Shuttle to the Airport in Denver

    • 1). Make your flight reservations.

      Check airport recommendations at both destinations to find out how early you need to arrive to ensure boarding your flight on time. You'll need more time to get through check-in and security at a busy international airport than you will at a regional hub airport.

    • 2). Search the Internet to find Web sites and contact information for airport ground transportation. If you need transportation to your departing flight to Denver, check local sites in your area for shuttles and taxi services that are available.

    • 3). Make a list of prices and details regarding the most attractive shuttle services.

    • 4). Narrow your list by using cost and time factors. Fees for multiple bags and large gaps in time from pickup to arrival at the airport, or the general timing estimated for your ensured arrival of at the airport are prime considerations.

    • 5). If you drive to a long-term parking area and take a shuttle to your departing flight, consider factors like covered parking fees and security at the parking lot you choose.

    • 6). Schedule your shuttle pickup and transportation at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the date of your flight. Check that you have provided the correct flight information and entered the departure or arrival date and times accurately. Set your pickup time so you get to the airport in plenty of time to check in and go through security.

    • 7). Prepare your luggage for your flight with the appropriate tags and clasps to ensure safety and identification.

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