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Are you at the end of your rope and considering exploring other career opportunities? If so, I'd like to share with you what I feel are the five most critical things to have in your Portable Career Portfolio before you jump ship.
With things in the corporate sector moving at breakneck speed, change is always inevitable.
When that change starts to effect you and you decide that you've had enough of the changes in that environment, you need to be prepared to spread your wings and start an aggressive search for landing your feet on solid ground elsewhere.
Below is a list of things that you should constantly be filling your arsenal with while you prepare for your transition: *A Powerfully Branded Resume that speaks and breathes you and what you represent.
Your resume should present you as a 'hot commodity' with all of the key attributes that your target market seeks.
*A Collection of KUDO's that show full endorsement of the work that you have been doing.
When you receive them, they may not seem like a big deal at the moment but trust me when I say they carry their weight in gold and will actually help you to beef up your resume.
*A running list of Key Accomplishments converted into CARS statements:C = Challenge; A = Action; R = Results; S = Strategic Impact to the business.
*A well-crafted Employment Proposal Template - this is a key differentiator that shows that you have not only looked at and analyzed the job for the right fit but you're also prepared to demonstrate exactly what you can bring to the table in that environment for that particular job.
*A One-Page Career Summary that passes the 30-second skim.
With resumes coming in astounding amounts for one job, you need to have a solid one-page sales sheet that will get you the interview that you're seeking.
Adding these five things to your career portfolio will put you ahead of the curve, place you one step above your competition and get you prepared for your journey to finding new employment or getting that 'more exciting' job with your current employer.
All of these things and more are covered in my 12-Week Coaching CAMP an accelerated Career Asset Management Program.

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