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Writing Online: Using The Right Formula For Getting Paid

The useful information that is conveyed in this article will help you with your marketing and writing  activities from the very moment that you start to apply it!  I may not be able to tell you everything you should do right, but I can certainly shed some light on the things you may be doing wrong.  This particular article is written specifically to help you take a different look, and hopefully a different approach to the way you make money online.  If, after reading and thoroughly digesting the information, you want to learn more, please visit the resource box.  It contains important links to detailed instructions on multiple income sources.

The following paragraphs discuss the necessary frame of mind every online writer an marketer must have for success.  It takes into account those individuals who work at getting paid online through various means, including:
  • Getting paid for your purchased articles,
  • Making money with your writing and contextual ads
  • Receiving writer compensation referral payments
  • Generating affiliate income

Any other methods of creating online profits (not mentioned above) can probably be improved as well, when the concepts you find here are applied.  Later, when you are ready to know more, you will find some very thorough facts about a few specific websites.  Those websites that are highlighted (See Resource Box) are the ones that have helped myself and others earn cash online, all through the use of writing.  I am finally making money everyday using at least one (if not more) of the different resources available in the discussions.

Everyone wants to see their revenue increase.  That is why it is vital to duplicate marketing and promotional concepts, as well as valuable writing strategies, that you find to be successful.  Learning and increasing your knowledge, will help to create a useful formula for getting paid.  This requires coupling what you know with the things you continue to learn, on a daily basis.  You are thus, creating the specific formula that works for you.

While there are some well-known marketing "secrets" that I have totally mastered and continue to implement, I must admit, there are still some parts of the formula missing.  Even still, I can supply you with clues on using the right formula for getting paid.  The clues provide solid and valuable details about marketing, promoting, writing and submitting articles and content.  No matter what you're trying to accomplish in your online career, using the right formula is necessary if you want payments to ever roll in.

Are You On The Verge Of Internet Success?

I can say this from experience; because I actually made $100,000 the very first night I got my Google Adsense account!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was excited about my new Google account and the eventuality of my Internet millions (you know the ones all the late night infomercials talk about).  I worked hard online way into the wee hours, writing, placing ads, and promoting affiliate products.  I must have popped over to Google at least a gazillion times, to check my live revenue stats.  I knew I was on the verge of success, I could just feel it!  By the time I finally hit that first dollar, I noticed the night had subtly crept away.   It was now the dark, just before the dawn.  "Just like my Google income", I remember thinking to myself as the $1.02 on the screen faded slowly and I drifted to sleep.

I heard tons of Google hits clicking in my head.  Each click paying a little more than the previous one.  My ad revenue swiftly began to grow and before I knew it, my Google earnings in the top right corner had reached $100,000!  It was too bad I woke up before I got a chance to get my first check!  When I opened my eyes I saw the same $1.02 on the screen, just as it was before I fell asleep.  Was I upset?  Of course I was!  I just lost thousands (you would be too)!  Then I looked at the $1.02 again and smiled.  "Well, I only have $999,998.98 to go."

Of course the above story sounds a bit humorous and perhaps even a bit exaggerated, but there's an important point to it.  I obviously once had unrealistic ideals and goals about writing and succeeding at being a market affiliate.  Like myself, many newbie marketers and writers make the mistake of setting both their hopes and their goals too high.  It's one thing to set your goals high, because depending on what your activities are, you may actually be able to reach those goals, in time.  However, when you set your hopes too high, and the only thing truly driving your efforts is the HOPE of what you'll achieve, you're in for a rude awakening (just like I was).

Determine Fact Versus Fiction

When you correctly promote affiliate product and engage in other online marketing, it can be extremely lucrative.  Unfortunately, when it comes to generating a regular income source online, there are a whole lot of serious misconceptions.

(About the only thing that everyone agrees on is: you'd better have at least a PayPal account to be prepared to receive online payments!  This is one of the most used online payment methods, and we do want to get paid, don't we?).

In order to determine fact versus fiction, you HAVE to do some kind of homework so you will know which techniques and strategies provide the best results.  So ask yourself, "When it comes to learning effective ways to increase your Internet earnings, what kind of student are you?  Do you pay attention in class?  That amounts to thoroughly READING important information about improving ways to generate traffic and income.

Then, and only then, will you begin to experience real success and start getting paid online.

    Here is an excerpt from an article I recently read entitled: Define Success – Not Failure and I felt it was a fitting end to the information I have just provided.  It is only a couple of brief paragraphs, if time is an issue.  You can always save this link as well.


    Actually case story

    "I know a lady that was at an Expo in Dearborn, Michigan, a city known for a high Muslim population. Her goal was to sign a people for home cooking parties. When the expo was over she had not signed up even one new party. Her conclusion was to blame the Muslim population based on the myth that Muslims would not buy from non-Muslims. Firm in her belief, she declared she would never attempt to build business in Dearborn again because it was closed-minded, in our opinion.

    Do you want to know what really happened? To entice people with the great food, she selected bacon-wrapped scallops not realizing Muslims don't eat pork products.

    What about you?"

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