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About Interior Decorating Magazines


    • Interior decorating magazines are important to those who read them because they give them a tangible glimpse of the lives they want--their dream homes--regardless of what their lives look like now.


    • Interior design magazines give their readers up-to-date information on the latest products and materials available for remodeling and building homes, and where to buy these materials. They also give their readers design and decorating ideas, which is particularly valuable for those who cannot afford to purchase the services of a professional interior designer.


    • There are several interior decorating magazines on the market today, including "Better Homes and Gardens," "Metropolitan Home," "Architectural Digest," "Traditional Home," "County Living," "Southern Living," "Home and Design" and "Town and Country."


    • Different regions of the country have interior decorating magazines that are geared specifically to that region, such as "Midwest Living." Many large cities have magazines that focus on decorating along with other topics, such as "Indianapolis Monthly."


    • All magazines and other print media are going through transitional times as digital media becomes more prevalent and accessible. Those companies that find it too expensive to continue producing the magazine in print may eventually become digital only, or, if ad revenue drops too much, stop publishing altogether.

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