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Is the Daycare Ready for Your Best Friend?

There are a few things that might jump out at you when looking for a doggie daycare, but there are many more things you need to consider.
You should be picky when looking for a dog boarding facility, you wouldn't just put your child in any old daycare center so why would you do that to your dog?You need to ask questions.
Be nosy.
Any top notch facility will be happy to answerall your questions and explain their policies.
If they are rude or incompetent it is more that OK to walk away.
One of the first things you should look for is the ratio of dogs to people.
Are there enough doggie helpers supervising?If you see 30 pups to 1 human there could be a problem.
Make use you use your best judgment on this because there are no rules for this ratio.
Always keep safety in mind.
Does your pup need any medical attention?What happens if you pooch gets hurt?Can they handle emergencies?Are they able to administer medications at your request?Are there any licensed vet technicians on staff?And make sure you leave the name, location, and phone number to your vet for anything they can't handle.
Always ask for a tour of the facility.
You should show up unannounced and look around.
Is the place clean?Is it safe for your best friend?Are there chemicals or cleaning products in animal reach? How does the facility handle discipline?What do they do about fighting or mounting?How do they handle common behavioral issues?Where do they put animals that need some time away from the other dogs?Do they reward the animals when they behave appropriately?Is there any training going on? What about food and water?Is there clean water available at all times?Are they able to supply special diets or do you need to bring your own?How often does your pup get to go outside?How to they handle potty breaks and are they cleaned up afterward?Will Fido get to go on a walk? You know your dog child better than anyone and by finding out the answers to these questions, you will be able to find the perfect place for your pup to stay while you are at work.
When in doubt follow your heart.

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