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Dog Training Tips - What You Need to Know

Before you begin training your dog - spend some time familiarizing yourself with these tips so your training sessions are successful and fun for both you and your dog.
* Consistency - You must be consistent in both verbal cues and hand signals.
This is important for all family members to abide by.
'Down' means to lie down - not to get down off the couch.
Use the command 'Off' for that.
Or when calling your dog to you - if you decide on 'Come' then don't use 'Here' sometimes expecting your dog to know what you want.
* Timing - Another key component to training is timing.
Rewards must be immediate after the desired action is obtained.
This is one reason why clicker training is gaining in popularity.
* Treats - Using treats as positive reinforcement is an excellent way to get your dog to perform the desired action.
* Praise - Use verbal praises after every successful attempt to perform a command.
Remember, your dog wants nothing more than to please you.
* Repetition - Dogs learn through repetition so be sure you have at least 10 to 15 minutes to spend teaching your dog a command.
* Voice Tone - Your tone of voice should be firm and authoritative when giving commands.
* Distractions - Training should be done in places where there are the least of amount of distractions so your dog stays focused on what you are teaching him.
* Short Sessions - Dogs learn better if sessions are short and spread out during the day.
Two or three 10 minute lessons a day is better than one 30 minute session.
* End on a Positive Note - Be sure to end each dog training session on a positive note.
Make sure the last thing your puppy does - he does correctly and receives praise for doing so.
Ending a training session with praise will have your dog eager to begin the next session.
The more you practice the skills of training, the better dog trainer you will become! Get more dog training tips and info, visit us at Schnauzers Rule.

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