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Requirements for Traktor DJ

    • Use a laptop to mix music on Traktor.laptop image by Manika from

      Traktor is a type of DJ software for personal computers. It does not require much external equipment such as turntables or mixing boards, because all of the effects are built right into the program and music can be manipulated simply by clicking the mouse. Traktor uses digital music files as opposed to physical CDs or vinyl records.

    Mac or Windows

    • There are Traktor programs compatible with both Mac and Windows, but they must be installed onto the appropriate system in order to function properly. Anything beyond Mac OS 10, and Windows XP will recognize Traktor software. The newer your computer, the more compatible the Traktor program will be. Plus, Traktor comes out with updates and newer versions every few years, so keeping up with the latest software will result in easier performance.

    Internal Requirements

    • The more RAM available on your computer, the better Traktor will run. Two gigabytes of RAM should be adequate, but at least 1 gigabyte is necessary. The program also needs at least 1.5 Ghz; 1.83 Ghz is optimum (especially with an Intel Core Duo). Also, the more space available on the hard drive, the more songs you'll be able to work with in Traktor. Your music must be in a digital format in order to be mixed on Traktor (typically MP3 format). You need 100 MB of free disk space to install Traktor onto your computer.

    External Requirements

    • Generally, DJs use Traktor with their laptops, since they are more easily transported from venue to venue. Traktor can be used with external equipment (turntables, scratch pads, etc.), but this is not required. The only required external equipment needed are headphones and speakers. The volume on a laptop is not nearly enough for a DJ who wants to use Traktor to play music at a party or large event. Some DJs may travel with their own large speakers, but many concert venues own systems already. If you're planning on DJing at a new venue, make sure they have a sound system before you carry around your own heavy speakers.

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