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There are many products on the web today that claim they grow or re-grow hair. Unfortunately there is not a tremendous amount of research available to back up most of these claims. That does not mean some or all of these product will not help you with your thinning hair.

The loss of hair happens to both men and women. It usually happens to people in there 4th or 5th decade, but can start at a very early age. It seems we see it happening earlier and earlier in a persons life. There can be many reasons for this. Two of the main factors that seem to be pushing this younger are stress and poor nutrition. It is believed that a good hair vitamin may help; there is liquid vitamin supplement used topically and liquid vitamin or hair vitamin taken orally. We will be taking a strong look at the first factor stress, in this article. The reason we are talking about these two factors is that they are two factors that we can have a significant positive effect on.

Stress has long been thought to have profound effect on hair loss. If you can learn proper techniques to handle your stress in a more effect manor, you will find that your over-all well being and hair health will be greatly enhanced.

The single most important factor in helping to reduce one stress levels is for you to recognize when you are being stressed. Recognizing that you are under increased stress levels and the learning to recognize what the specific stressor is are the first two steps to stress reduction. Take a look a one of the beginner program we use in our stress reduction workshops.
There is a very simple three part stress management program we teach, it is;
1.Recognize- understand when you are being stressed, and what the stressor is.
2.Cope- manage the situation as best you can at the time.
3.Recreate- Find your enjoyable activity and do it.
By using this easy formula, you will greatly reduce the negative effects of stress.

There is no easy formula for the second step in this program. Every situation is unique and should be handled for its particular circumstances. When you have recognized the stressor, you are usually half way home on step two, you are in the process of managing the problematic situation.

The last step, is the easiest one, the most enjoyable one and the one most of us do not do. When we are doing the things we love to do, we are performing recreational activities, we are re-creating our emotional self. There are many chemical and physiological processes taking place when we are doing recreational activities. This is the most important part of recovering from the stressful situation. If we do not, the stress built and we are much less able to cope with the next stressful situation.

Hair Vitamins can be helpful in dealing with hair loss, some are topical liquid vitamin supplements, and others are liquid vitamins or pills taken orally.

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