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How To Set Your Pride Aside and Date A Woman That Makes More Money Than You

Getting out into the dating world takes nerves and guts as it is, but when you start dating different men or women, what happens if they have different successes than you in their professional careers? What if that beautiful woman you are seeking makes more money than you do each year? Is that something you can handle? There are more and more successful women in the United States each year, and preparing yourself to go back into the dating world also means setting the pride aside and dating those who make more than you and hold a different professional standing than you.

Before you get out there into the dating world, it would probably be wise to take a step back and take a look at your own life, if you are someone that feels you are not going to be able to date someone that may or may not make more money than you, than perhaps there is something in your own personal life that is stopping you from taking pride in who you are and what you do.

What someone makes does not make them who they are, but for any woman who takes on a successful career is someone with high ambitions, great feeling of self-worth and is independent. Again, times have changed, there are still ways to date women, treat them right and care for them even if they do make more money than those men they choose to date.

It takes a real man to take a woman out, treat her on the first date, than allow her to treat you on the next. Then again there are some instances where this would be expected, and if you have not stopped to think about the many different advantages of dating someone who makes more than you, here are a few tips and suggestions to think about:

Going dutch saves you both money and keeps the dating casual at this point.

Shows that you respect her and her professional successes.

Treat her with surprise flowers at work or find other creative ways to treat her without insulting her at dinner.

Again, times have changed, and what a man or woman makes at their job does not determine the kind of person they are, or how they are going to choose their dates, should it dictate how you date?

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