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Does He Love Me Quiz - Decoding If He Is Attracted To You

Is he flirting with you? Or is he just shy? Can you tell that he's into you? In the world you are living in, it's impossible for a person not to love.
That's probably why you just went out on a date with some guy lately.
The questions written are probably ones that have popped up in your mind while you just had that date.
Yet, you can't still figure out if he likes you or not.
Guys are too complex to understand.
You don't get any slightest signals as to whether or not he likes you.
A guy gives you a hug and a kiss after your first date yet you didn't get any calls from him the past few days.
All the while you thought that he has into you but you were wrong.
It's safe to say that guys are too complicated to understand.
You are probably one of the millions of women who can't tell if a guy likes you or not.
Do not fret because here's the does he love me quiz that will help you.
If you agree with the majority of the questions that means that the guy could be into you.
Does he you use your name a lot? You could say that he likes you when he uses your name frequently.
He doesn't use a general term to call you.
If you run into his friends and introduces you as the girl he has been dating with no name included.
Set an alarm for your self.
This means he is slightly interested to you.
If he talks about you and uses your name in the beginning and the end of the sentence then he's a keeper.
Does he call you? Generally, men do not waste their time calling women.
He makes an effort to call you if he is interested in you.
If he doesn't call you back, don't make up bizarre reasons why he hasn't called you up.
Don't think that he's busy with work, he's sick with malaria; he's out for a business trip.
If he really likes you, he'll continue communicating with you.
That is a way for him to express that he wants to spend more time with you.
Does his body language change? You know, you can tell if a man likes you or not with the way his body moves.
His body language can elicit some response if he likes you.
Take a good look at his eyebrows first.
If one of his eyebrows lifts up, that's a good sign.
Also, you will notice that his lips slightly parted the moment when both of your eyes meet.
You may giggle at this thought but his nostrils will open slightly and his face widens just like the parting of the lips.
Does he try to impress you? Into the date, you begin to notice that you are laughing at all his jokes.
You get fascinated with the things he says.
Mind you, his trying to win you with his wits and humor.
He tries to make a good impression.
If he's acting like a jerk then don't bother on getting a second date with him.
He's not worth it.

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