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Handmade Flower Girl Baskets


    • A flower girl basket need not be a basket, but it certainly can be. Other options are a purse, pail or decorative box. The finished project is usually white, the same color as the flower girl's dress, or the wedding color.


    • Many homemade baskets incorporate fabric as part of the basket's design. Satin and tulle are two common options. The fabric lines the inside or the inside and the outside of the basket. A glue gun is useful in keeping the fabric secure to the basket. Perfection isn't necessary with a flower girl basket. Tuck in any excess fabric inside the basket where it can't be seen by wedding guests.


    • Flowers inside the basket can be either fresh petals or silk flowers. The flower girl can also toss confetti if you prefer. You can also glue flowers to the basket for a whimsical flower girl basket. Glue silk or fresh flowers all around the basket or other decorative container. You can also use leaves if you prefer. If you are using fresh flowers, wait until the day of the wedding to make your homemade flower girl basket so the flowers don't dry out. Spray the flowers occasionally with water to keep them moist. Glue flowers around the handle or a portion of the basket for an alternative.


    • Ribbon is often part of a flower girl basket. Wrap the handle of the basket with ribbon in the same color as the basket. Wrap ribbon around the center of a pail or purse. A thick piece of ribbon makes the flower girl container elegant. You can also tie a ribbon bow to the front or sides of the container.


    • Add other accessories to the flower girl basket to achieve the look you desire. Cut chipboard in the shape of the bride and groom's last name and string it around the handle of the basket. Add rhinestones or beads around the handle for a luxurious look. As an alternative, you can use the rhinestones to make a pattern or monogram for the front of the basket. Glue large florets to the front of a satin-covered basket. If you have a theme for your wedding, you can repeat the theme with the basket. For example, for a religious theme, iron a cross transfer to the basket. For a Valentine's theme, add paper hearts to the basket.

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