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Everything You Need To Know To Book Cheap Air Tickets

Everyone loves a holiday but you will find it impossible to find someone cheered about having to plan one. There's the anxiety of deciding the right travel date, the right hotels, cheap flight tickets and the right destination that fits your budget.

To help you ease your travel worries a wee bit, Kayak released one of the biggest data that identifies when to book a flight to a destination, what time to travel, vacation spots which saw the biggest decrease in airfare and hotels and the most travelled destinations. The study concluded that the cities which saw major reduction in average airfare were Anchorage, Alaska, Los Cabos, Lima and Istanbul. Several cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore also witnessed a drop in airfare. So what is the best time to book a ticket to an International destination, here are the answers for this and several other frequently asked questions.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight?

Several websites claim that the best day to book cheap flight tickets is on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, the study found that the date of the booking doesn't make a major difference on the air ticket fare.  While its true that most major airlines publish their fare midweek, there are numerous small carriers that publish the fares on other days of the week. Take away is that you shouldn't worry too much about day of the booking.

Which is the best day to travel to get a cheap air ticket?

For domestic travel, Friday is the best day to depart while Monday was the best return date. For international departure, Tuesdays and Wednesdays were the cheapest departure date while Monday & Tuesday were the best return dates.

Which is the worst date to travel?

Travelling on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) to a domestic or international destination will have you shell out a considerably higher airfare. Kayak estimates that weekend airfares tend to be at least 15% higher than weekdays.

What are the best months to travel?

January is the best month to travel, followed by February and April. For travellers who can only afford to travel during the summer, August was judged the cheapest month to travel along with June and July.

How far from departure should you book an international flight?

This is not a straightforward question and the answer varies depending upon the region you are flying to and the month. Trips to South America are cheapest six months before the departure date while Central American flight ticket is cheapest couple of weeks in advance. Flight ticket to European cities are cheapest eight to ten weeks before the departure date while Asia is nine to ten months. Travellers looking for a last minute destination can't go with the Caribbean with the best rates popping up a mere 14 days prior to departure date. 

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