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A Letter to VI Senior Citizens!

Living in the Virgin Islands is not an easy thing to do. If you are a senior citizen it is evens more challenging. As an older person in this community we face obstacles that allot of us are not prepared for. Health issues are greater in the senior citizen community. Most senior citizens in our community are on a fixed income. Sometimes we are faced with making decision that affect our quality of living, such as paying an electricity bill verses buying medicine. Yes we have some social programs, but in reality it is just like window dressing. There is a program called Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). To qualify for this program you have to be at a certain poverty level. If you do qualify for SCSEP there is a waiting list. Let face it if you wait to be placed on the list your situation will get worse than it currently is or you will die waiting to be placed on a list.

The point I am trying to make is, a rolling stone gathers no moss. If you are senior citizen and feel you can make a difference let us do it together. Don't wait on some social program to change the quality of your life. The people who work at these programs are really not there to help you, but are there to help themselves. Most of those social programs are government programs to create jobs for younger folks and really not seniors. In order for some these program to exist senior citizens are necessary parts of the equation.

If you have an internet connection and can send an email, let us get together and make a difference in our community. Let us network and put some energy back in our community. Start those creative juices to flow again. Come on folks rekindle those talents, forget about the woes. We got more talent and skills in the Virgin Islands than you can shake a stick at. Yes I realize the economy is in the dumps right now, and as community we are feeling it. The cost of living is outrageous, gas prices and WAPA got us by the ying yang, but we can and will prevail. Remember it is all about you! Let get together and network. It is my hope this article will encourage you to give me some feedback and positive motivation.

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