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How to Treat Sick Dogs at Home

    Caring for a Sick Canine

    • 1). Watch for intensifying symptoms in your sick dog. Intensifying symptoms could be reason to call your vet for further assistance with canine. Some of these signs could be runny or crusty nose, swelling or redness in the eyes, decrease in appetite, scratching skin and change in water intake are all symptoms to watch for in a sick canine.

    • 2). Monitor the dog's consumption of liquids. Dogs, like humans, can get dehydrated. For extra nutrition, pour broth over his food or make a rice and chicken broth mixture to give dog extra nutrition.

    • 3). Feed sick dogs smaller amounts of food, especially when they do not feel good. Cook rice, let cool. Then add chicken broth to the rice to give dog extra nutrition.

    • 4). Use a vaporizer in the same room as dogs to keep their bronchial tubes moistened.

    • 5). Keep sick dog warm and dry. This can be done by simply placing old blankets or sheets for dog to sleep on.

    • 6). Wash dog bedding frequently to maintain a clean environment for dog.

    • 7). Keep the environment of the animal as peaceful as possible, as this will keeps the animals stress level to a minimum.

    • 8). Stack old towels/hand towels near where the dog sleeps, in case of vomiting or diarrhea.

    • 9). Refrain from giving the sick dog snacks or foods until dog is improving in health and is successfully eating the nutritious rice and broth mixture.

    • 10

      For common sickness such as colds, a children's cold medicine can be given to canine as long as the dosage and amount as been approved by your veterinarian.

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