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eBook Writing and Publishing: Make Sure Your eBook Is a Best Seller Before You Write It

If you want to write an ebook and make money then you don't want to write a bad seller.
You want to write a best seller.
You want to sell at least a thousand copies fast.
If you sell your ebook for only $20, you can earn $20,000 from a thousand copies.
And if you can double it or triple it the amount of money you an earn will blow your mind.
But how do you make sure that your ebook is going to be a best seller? You make sure that there is a "hungry market" waiting for an ebook like yours.
That way your ebook will almost sell itself and you can get back to doing what you enjoy the most; writing more ebooks.
But before you can sell even one copy of your ebook you must make sure you have a market waiting to buy it.
It's no good writing a book about something that no one except you is interested in, or choosing a topic you're not interested in just because you think it will be a money spinner.
You need a hungry market for your ebook and you need a big market.
Even if you write fiction, you need to be sure that there are readers out there looking for an ebook like yours.
And then you have to deliver what they want.
Do your research Before you even write one word of your ebook, do some research first.
Start by using the free Google Keyword Tool.
Use it to search for words and phrases that you think people will be searching for if they're looking for an ebook like yours.
Do searches for exact terms and then similar terms.
You can then see at a glance how many people are searching for these words and how much competition there is.
You might also come across similar words and phrases that you'd never considered before but are better suited for finding your ebook.
Then once you have a list of useful key words and phrases, do your own online search for them.
Take a look at what shows up in the search results.
Visit websites that may be competing against yours and see what keywords they use, what they are selling and how they sell it.
If they have an ebook similar to yours try and figure out who their target audience is and see if you need to be targeting them too.
Take a look at what they're selling from their websites, whether it's their own ebook or someone else's (selling it as an affiliate).
Read their sales page, download a free excerpt of their ebook if there is one available and look for ways that you can make your ebook better than theirs.
You may also find things that they've included in their ebook that you could put in yours too.
But don't plagiarize.
Don't steal their ideas.
Use what they have to come up with new ideas of your own.
Maybe you could add some free bonus reports to give away with your ebook using any new ideas you get.
If you want your ebook to be a best seller, don't overlook this small amount of research.
I always do research like this whenever I think about writing an ebook.
And even if I find that no one else has an ebook like mine, that doesn't mean there isn't a market for it.
I have 2 ebooks that are like no others I've seen and they are currently my best selling ebooks.
How did I know they'd sell? Because people were searching for the information that was in my ebooks.
So go out and do your online research and find out what information people are searching for and what ebooks are already available.
This kind of research may not look like much (and there's more you can do and this is only a taster).
But even doing just this little bit of research before you write your ebook, can be the difference between writing a best seller and writing your way to a big disappointment.

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