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How to Score Rugby World Cup 2011 Packages - Without Paying Through the Nose

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events on the international sports calendar in 2011, but the ticket prices and rugby world cup packages seem astronomical to some.
The Rugby World Cup 2011 tickets went on sale in April with 750,000 of a total of 1.
65 million being sold.
The tickets are sold in various 'packs' and those for specific matches go on sale later in 2010.
And the Rugby World Cup 2011 packages of course went on sale before the tickets.
How can you get the best RWC package? The highest priced venue pack, and there are 13 venues for this tournament, is $USD1220 for five pool games in Auckland and the most expensive team pack is 1,400 dollars for the All Blacks' four pool games.
The International Rugby Board chairman Bernard Lapasset said demand for the tournament was already unprecedented and the fact is that many rugby fans will likely be disappointed in trying to get the tickets they want.
Those wanting to get the best prices for the best tickets and accommodation and hospitality packages need to check online to see what deals are being done.
Some offers provide appropriate flexibility that will ensure that getting tickets and accompanying transport, accommodation and other hospitality features can be built into the ticketing arrangement you make.
As always it comes down to doing your homework and getting in early.
But as packages are still being developed by some marketers, there remain opportunities to get the sort of flexibility and pricing you want if you actually contact the marketers directly.
The fact is that price sensitivity has seen a pricing policy that intends to classify pool matches into different pricing levels which is dependent upon their appeal and seating too is graded into different categories.
This means that pricing is varied so as to meet different budgets and there are tickets as low as $NZD15.
00 so that as many people as possible can attend the matches.
Again, you need to be aware of what the pricing structures are and then search out your tickets.
Bear in mind that there are children's prices for the pool matches (and the Bronze Final) which range in the NZD$15-20 range and also keep in mind that one-fifth of all tickets sold are less than NZD$50.
Similarly two-thirds of the matches are below the price for domestic test matches.
There are half a million tickets available in the lower price categories so make sure you check out what those are along with the different venues so that your accommodation costs are also kept to a reasonable level.
Accommodation will be a high cost item as pressure is placed on a small country to provide for a very big audience.
Get in now after you've done you're homework, to ensure you get the very best Rugby World Cup 2011 package to make you experience of this major sporting event unforgettable.

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