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How to Make Him Fall in Love With You - Tips to Make Him Never Want to Leave You Again

Do you feel like your boyfriend might be pulling away from you? Do you ever have the sinking suspicion that his interest may not be in the relationship with you anymore? If so, then there probably is a good reason for this.
A woman's intuition about her relationship is usually spot on, and if you think that he might end up leaving you, then you just might be right.
Don't worry too much, though.
You can still make him fall in love with you and NEVER want to leave again.
Most of the time when a guy wants to leave a relationship, it has to do with boredom or the feeling of things moving too fast.
Solve these two issues and you should be able to reconnect with him and make him feel like he never wants to leave you.
Here are a few tips to make him fall in love and never want to leave: 1.
Make it abundantly clear that you are not pressuring him into more commitment than he can handle.
Let's be honest, guys try to avoid commitment at all costs, even when they are really into a woman.
If he ends up feeling as though you are putting too much pressure on him to have a relationship or that you are trying to get him to commit before he is ready, then there is a really good chance that his first instincts are going to be to leave the relationship.
He will never want to leave you if you are the rock in his life.
Having a woman in their corner at all times is something that most guys hope to find at some point in their lives.
If you want to make sure that he falls in love with you and does not even think of finding someone else, then you need to show him that you are the rock in his life, the one woman that he can count on even when the chips are down.
Let him realize that there are many other guys out there, many of whom would be glad to have you.
This is not something that you want to throw in his face, this is something that you want to be subtle about, but clear enough that he gets the message.
Let him know that there are other fish in the sea, and that many of those guys out there would be more than happy to be with you.

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