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2011 Cat Picture of the Week: Snowball

We lost our beautiful black & white Persian to a brain tumor and that very night we went to a breeder who had a beautiful litter of Persians. I knew the minute I held him that he was the one. He was sweet and loving and loved to be held. He is still that way and it is so wonderful to be his Mommy. I had always wanted a white cat and I finally have one so I deal with the fur and love my cat. He was 8 weeks old when we got him.

I remember it was Christmas when we brought him home and he loved our tree. He still loves Christmas trees and he enjoyed our tree this year. I can't imagine life without him.
© Mary L Cameron, Guest

Snowball is a handsome Persian, and his sapphire eyes are stunning. It's a pleasure to see someone love her cat as much as Mary does Snowball. Snowball was selected for the Cat of the Week from the Life With a White Cat Show and Tell gallery, as are all the Cats of the Week for February.

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