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Explore Some of the Beautiful German Towns

Where to start? This is a question you will probably want an answer for when you want to start your tour of German towns.
There are so many to choose from that you will have to allow a very lengthy period of time in order to see what all of them have to offer.
There is no one town that is better than the others, so it really depends on your interests and the kinds of attractions you want to visit.
Germany is a country that exudes both scenery and history and you will combine both wherever you decide to go in this country.
If you want to visit historical sites, there are many World Heritage Sites in Germany.
TH town of Gosler has thousands of years of history for you to explore.
The Rammelsburg mines were in continuous operation for 1000 years and now houses a museum in the silver-ore mine.
In the historic old section of the town you can visit the Imperial Palace with its medieval landscape.
The imperial cathedral of St.
Peter and St.
Paul in the town of Bamburg is an impressive sight as is the Alte Hafhaltung Palace.
The charming little town of Altotting on the banks of the Inn River in Bavaria is the site of the Gothic statue of the Madonna in the Pilgrim's Chapel.
This is one of the stops made by many pilgrimages throughout Germany as well as Oberammergau, located in the Ammergau Alps.
This little town is famous for its Passion Plays that have been performed every ten years since 1634.
Visit Aach, located in the state of Baden-Wurttemburg, to see the biggest natural spring in the country - Aachtopf.
This area is very popular with cave divers and as a weekend destination.
The town of Babehaussen is only 25 km from Frankfurt.
Here you will find a medieval village complete with a castle and a large part of the city wall still remains.
The spa town of Bad Worishofen is sure to attract your attention.
There are many hotels and boarding houses here where you can receive the famous methods of Kneipp, who specialized in water cure.
The town of Calwis located in the northern Black Forest.
It is heavily pedestrianized and as such it is very easy to find your way around.
This would be the ultimate shopping destination with the numerous shops and sidewalk cafes where you can have a cool drink or snack as you watch the people go by.
Many of the buildings in the town of Celle date back to the 16th century.
In this town you can visit Schloss Castle and hear the trumpeter blowing the fanfare from the tower of Stadkirche (the parish church) twice a day.
Th3e concentration camp where Anne Frank passed away is also close by.
Located on the German-Dutch Holiday Road, you won't have any difficulty reaching the town of Dillenburg in the Hesse Region of Germany.
There is a wildlife park in the town, four museums and a number of historic buildings.
Several of the walking trails in the country either begin here or pass through the town.
The list of towns in Germany spans every letter of the alphabet so you do have many to choose from for your vacation.

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