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Shifting Focus To Learning - Tips To Strengthen You Psychic Self-Defense Powers

The modern world is full of distractions that discourage personal spiritual growth and development and encourage negative thought patterns, poor health, and despair.
Without even noticing it, those distractions focus our attention on wealth and material possessions and reduce our interest in personal development and inner wealth.
Each person radiates energy, called the aura, that reveals their overall condition.
The aura indicates the status of our physical health, mental outlook, emotional balance, and spiritual strength.
Positive people have strong bright auras.
Negative people have weak dark auras.
People with strong bright auras are more likely to be happy, healthy, productive, and successful.
Negative people have the power to drain the energy and aura, usually unconsciously, from positive people.
In order to protect ourselves from these "psychic attacks," we must grow spiritually.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is critical to spiritual growth.
Growing in knowledge is one way to improve and enhance a positive, wholesome lifestyle.
Everyone knows that change is occurring more and more rapidly in the modern world.
Scientific advances and technological developments appear everyday that change the way we do things.
Somehow, people must be able to adapt to these changes, to remain flexible and learn to do things differently.
The appearance of the Internet has created tremendous shift in the way the world works.
And it has created a need for people to learn new skills and build new knowledge.
Each of us has the ability to master change and remain flexible.
One human factor to mastery and flexibility is a strong inner spiritual center and positive energy.
Developing as a spiritual being produces a strong aura that allows us to deflect and avoid negative energies and influences.
While there are many practices and techniques that encourage spiritual growth, shifting focus is key to bringing about personal change and development.
Shifting focus without conscious intent can be dangerous, as we may be tempted to move toward negative influences, even when our goal is to move into the light and become more powerful spiritual beings.
We must shift our focus toward improving our innate skills and abilities.
Mental stimulation and growth is a powerful tool in spiritual development and maintaining a strong, healthy aura.
Expanding knowledge expands consciousness.
Expanding consciousness nurtures the spirit.
Introducing a daily habit of learning is a positive way to move toward a healthy lifestyle and a stronger spiritual center.
Studying new subjects, enlarging our vocabulary, acquainting ourselves with great art and music, and learning new languages are a few of the things we can do to stimulate our minds and increase our understanding.
Gathering facts and information using visual aids is a great way to improve our memory.
Gathering facts by listening to music and lectures also improves our ability to focus and understand what we hear.
Conducting research and writing about what we learn helps us build greater comprehension and self-expression.
Strengthening these abilities promotes self-confidence and inner spiritual power.
Our aura becomes stronger and brighter, and we are better able to adapt to change, remain flexible, and resist negative energies and influences.
Learning will also help you improve your life.
You can do personal research in areas that will give you new skills for your job and make you a more attractive candidate for promotions.
You can use your new knowledge and abilities to become a more active participant in your community.
You will have a wider range of choices for what you want to do with your life and your time.
One way to direct your learning and make it more productive is to develop a personal plan.
The exposure you've gained to new concepts and ideas will most likely change your life ambitions and open doors you never dreamed of.
You can set new goals and develop a plan for achieving them.
Your new abilities to gather and comprehend information will allow you to identify the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
Your greater self-confidence will give you the motivation to pursue your ambitions.
A few months after you've changed your focus to learning and developing your abilities, you will find it easier to solve problems, to better communicate, and to accomplish more in less time.
Your new personal life plan will be realistic and achievable.
Put your plan into action by setting short-term objectives that build toward your ultimate goals.
Plan one step at a time in the order that those steps must be taken to make true progress.
Included continued learning and skill development in your plan.
Know what results you expect to accomplish.
And set a time-table for reaching your goal.
Write down what you expect to accomplish in a specific time period, say one year or five years.
Your plan doesn't have to focus on professional development and material success.
You may want to make spiritual enlightenment your ultimate goal.
Or perhaps you want to have a big happy family.
Maybe you want to become an expert in some field as a hobby.
Whatever goals are right for you are the correct goals.
This is about you and your life.
No one else can tell you what you should want or how you should get there.
That's why we call it a personal plan.
As you learn, you'll find that you're more interested in life and more interesting to other people.
You'll be more confident about your abilities and more adventurous in what you're willing to try.
Every little success will build positive thinking and encourage spiritual growth.
Over time, you'll find that you're a powerful positive person with a strong bright aura.
You'll be able to resist negativity and negative drains on your positive energy.
You'll be a better person, and you'll contribute to building a better world.
Shifting your focus to new ideas and pursuits will be a powerful tool for your spiritual development and for psychic self-defense.

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