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Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back? - You Need a Plan of Attack

All Jack wanted was to get his ex girlfriend back. As a former soldier, Jack knew he first needed to establish a plan of attack before attempting to get his ex girlfriend back.

Jack's ex girlfriend, Diane, broke up with him because she found someone new. But, when it came to compatibility, Diane and her new boyfriend did not share many of the same interests. Jack was hoping that Diane would soon find out that her new boyfriend was not the man that he is.

Meanwhile, Jack launched his plan of attack.

First, he made some changes in himself. He realized he needed to remove his rough edges and change his personality. His old military style haircut also had to go and he let his hair grow out. He remembered there were some books that Diane really enjoyed so he decided to read them. He knew he had to become the type of boyfriend that Diane wanted if he was to ever get her back.

His next plan of attack was to let his ex see how attractive he was to other women. He called up Susan, a friend of Diane's, and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner. Once Susan agreed to a date he decided to text Diane and ask about places that her friend might like to go. Jack had barely finished texting when Diane called up asking him why he was going on a date with Susan. Jack said it was time for him to move on. He said he always liked Susan and wanted to get to know her better. He told Diane that she shouldn't have any problem with it since they were no longer together.

After Diane slammed down the phone, Jack kind of chuckled. He did exactly what he set out to do, he planted the seed in Diane's head that women are attracted to him. His plan of attack to get his ex girlfriend back was moving along smoothly.

Now came the third and final phase of his plan of attack. Jack made sure Diane would find out everything that happened on the date, that's why he went out with Susan in the first place. He behaved like the perfect gentlemen all night long. After he picked up Susan he presented her with one red rose. They went to a very expensive restaurant and he talked about all the wonderful books he had recently been reading. When dinner was over he dropped Susan off at her place, gave her a little hug and a kiss. The next morning, he sent her a bouquet of flowers and called to tell her what a wonderful time he had the night before and hoped she had enjoyed it too.

It didn't take long for Diane to find out about the date. Susan called and told her how great Jack was and couldn't understand why she broke up with him. In the meantime, the relationship between Diane and her boyfriend had soured and she was really missing Jack right about now. Jack's plan of attack had worked. Just a few days had passed since he went out with Susan and now Diane was calling and asking to get back together.

You just read one man's plan of attack for getting his ex girlfriend back.

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