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Being Motocross

I racked up plenty of years of action before I got any attention.
I was giving metal heads what they lived for, what they existed for long before the rest of the world caught on that we were having fun.
Now, I'm a sport.
I have been categorized and labeled.
I'm not sure if I like that at all.
Being called a sport means there's a bit of legitimacy to it.
But then, you have all kinds of goofs from all walks of life entering my domain.
Why in the world they would want to be a part of this, I don't understand.
Maybe, I do.
They want to feel my power as they take on the challenges I possess.
Speeding around my dirt roads designed just for ultimate revenge of man against nature.
Jumping my hills to vertical heights never known before on these motorcycle freaks of engineering.
I am the ultimate in racing challenge.
The perfect track catches racers by surprise and makes sure that the journey is top level difficulty to navigate.
You are either a top motorcyclist or the only way you will feel my power is on your duffs playing video games that have my name on them.
But, don't come to play! Only the top motorcyclists in the world have been able to say they actually enjoyed being in my world.
And even some of them have left on stretchers.
Being good is not a guarantee that you will leave in the same shape you came No, don't come to play.
If you show up on one of my engines ready to do battle against my other warriors, you better take every turn seriously.
Every jump could be your last.
I have obstacles car racers have never heard of before.
I have turns that drifters can't make.
And I have terrain that even beasts of nature would avoid.
The world is not what it used to be.
It's no longer proper.
It's no longer formulaic.
No longer do we keep ourselves in little boxes.
You never know what you are going to get when you come to my playground.
Just be ready! If you're not, you should sit on the bleachers and watch while the big boys hang or just go home and ride around the block on your ten speed.
I have come.
I have evolved.
I am motocross and it's a good day to be alive!

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