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Betta Tankmates - Choosing Roomies For Your Betta Splendens

Betta tankmates have to be chosen as carefully as a person chooses a roommate.
Pick the wrong betta mates, and your fish will suffer.
Choose the wrong roommate for yourself and you may suffer.
You get the idea.
Let's take a look at some betta tankmates that will allow your fish to live a long, happy and healthy life with good neighborly interaction.
The right betta mates need to understand that he is living with a fish that can be surly, and even downright nasty at times.
The perfect partner will allow his finny friend room to be himself, and shouldn't clash lest there be dire consequences.
1 - Apple Snails Apple snails are a great addition to a betta tank.
These snails are small at birth, but can reach a size of 4 - 6 inches when adult, and add a peaceful nature to your betta.
Bettas typically ignore them.
2 - Cory Catfish Cory Catfish are the most common catfish kept in aquariums.
Since they prefer the bottom of the tank, they typically do not run afoul of the middle to top-dwelling betta fish.
They are hardy and very easy to breed and care for.
3 - Dwarf Frog Betta tankmates need to be non-similar to the betta.
Bettas attack other fish that resemble themselves.
That is why a dwarf frog or two make such a diverse friend for your betta and a wonderful visual addition to your tank.
4 - Neon Tetras Neon tetras are small (one inch max.
), inexpensive fish that add motion and vibrant color to any tank.
They respond extremely well with any betta fish.
Remember that every betta fish has a distinctive personality.
What works for one betta may not work for the next one.
And when your betta mates, all bets are off, and a previous friend can become a foe in your fighting fish's eyes.
Don't forgot that you should never keep more than one inch of fish per gallon of aquarium.
If you follow these rules, you should be able to place some great betta tankmates with your beautiful betta splendens that will provide you with a full, visual experience.

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