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Is Seatbelt Law Enforcement Really Harassment?

Many cities have sobriety check points where they ask for your driver's license and insurance, while checking to see if you have been drinking.
But that's not all, as they also check to see if you are wearing a seat belt, if not you get a fine.
No, it's not a major ticket, but it is a ticket and it does cost you money.
Many people get upset with this, but during a recession the police, city and or county need more money.
Sure, everyone should wear a seat belt, but isn't writing tickets really harassment? Let me explain; with fewer police officers on duty and budgets strapped, we need to be going after serious crimes.
In many cities if your car is stolen, they do not even send out a police car to take down the information anymore, oh, but they can write you a seat belt ticket.
In fact, at one sobriety check point, I stopped at there were older retired folks writing seatbelt tickets, as part of their volunteerism for the citizens on patrol program.
No, I did not get a ticket, I was wearing a seat belt, but the car in front of me did.
And it was a gal who was severely overweight.
She said the seat belt hurt her to wear it, that it was uncomfortable and it was hard for her to drive with it.
The officer didn't care and had her steer over to the citizens on patrol table to receive her ticket; so, what about overweight Americans? Now seatbelt checkpoints have been established in many cities, why? Not for motor vehicle safety, but clearly to raise money.
Many Citizens on patrol volunteers are working these check points now, for revenue enhancement operations in disguise of drunk driving checkpoints, why? Whom does this serve; I submit to you that this is just general harassment and it stinks.
Think on this.

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