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Ever Asked Yourself: When Did Exercise Start?

If you've ever asked yourself, "When did exercise start?" you are not alone. Many people have thought about this question. Since history has not been recorded exactly since man first appeared, we cannot really be sure of the right answer. However, most people are more interested in getting active than in researching this topic. Wild animals probably kept our earliest ancestors on the move. This exercise was literally a life saver.

The Greeks were famous for their dedication to physical fitness. Other cultures have adopted their ideas about the mind-body connection as they have tried to incorporate exercise into their lives. These days exercise is increasingly popular. When did the recent interest in exercise develop?

There was a resurgence of interest in physical activity by men of science in the early nineteen hundreds. Flint and Krogh each published research suggesting that exercise was a human necessity.

Jack La Lanne's thirty four year stint on TV must be credited for at least some of today's interest in getting fit. He made regular exercise seem like a sensible idea to millions of people and helped revive a healthy way of living.

It was not long before the commercial opportunities to be gained from a nation's interest in fitness began to percolate in the minds of entrepreneurs. Soon there was a huge selection of exercise equipment available in TV ads and magazines. Millions of people buy millions of exercise devices every year. Unfortunately, for these machines to work, the purchasers have to make a pledge to use them regularly. It is a better strategy to take up an exercise routine involving an activity you enjoy. That way you won't dread your exercise time.

It is time to put considerations about "When did exercise start? " aside and decide when we are going to exercise. The ancient Greek culture was based on keeping healthy enough to enjoy a long and active life. Now it is our turn to embrace this essential idea.

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