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Acquiring A Better Tennis Racket? - Checkout This Racquet Guide

The game of tennis is an international and very popular sport. It has changed drastically from even 40 years ago. If you compare the racquets from 40 years ago, they don't even look like what are used today. They look more like badminton racquets. The technology for tennis racquets continues to get better and better, and the babolat pure drive is a superb racquet for anyone who is an intermediate to advanced player. There are many pros who use this racquet such as Andy Roddick. Some beginners might like it, but it is best suited for those that are slightly more advanced.

So what makes this racquet stand out from among all the other racquets out there to choose from? The babolat pure drive tennis racquet is a superior racquet with features that will give you a great mix of power and control. It is not as light as racquets for beginners, but it is still incredibly light and has a very solid and balanced feel. This mix of power and control can dramatically improve your shot once you adjust to the sheer power of the racquet. It is the power element that makes it better suited for advanced players since many beginners have a hard time controlling their shot.

There are many good racquets out there, and there are many others in the advanced class that other professional players use. However, the babolat pure drive tennis racquet is even superior to most of these other racquets. Some of the other racquets in this class are too light or head-light, causing the shock to not be adequately absorbed. This racquet also resists torsion and is incredibly comfortable to use. Since some more flexible racquets absorb more energy from the ball itself, this racquet will optimize your power by returning more energy to the outgoing ball speed.

The main thing that sets the babolat pure drive tennis racquet apart is the Cortex anti-vibration system. This lack of flutter is what makes this racquet so comfortable to use. If you have played tennis a long time, you might be used to the discomfort in your arm from constant vibrations as you strike the ball. However, this lack of flutter is truly ground-breaking. Some people might be bothered by the vibrations more than others. If you are one of these people that has always had arm discomfort, this racquet might be able to change that for you for good.

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