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Marriage Green Card Processing Speeds Up

Recently the U.S. government has sped up the processing of marriage green cards. What used to take 18-24 months now takes 3 - 6 months in most cases -- if the applications are prepared professionally.
How to Professionally Prepare Marriage Green Card PackageImmigration law and regulations are constantly changing and the key to smooth and speedy green card processing is to constantly monitor the daily changes. The immigration laws, regulations and policies are federal in nature so changes in immigration law effects people in all of the 50 states. It is hard to let everyone in the United States know about an immigration policy change. Professionals pay to monitor the changes in immigration green card processing rules and get daily emails informing them of the changes. Because non-professionals are normally not in a position to monitor the changes in immigration rules on a daily basis, the most common mistakes they make when preparing a marriage green card applications are:
  • Husband and Wife signed the wrong forms;
  • Did not attach the correct number of passport photographs;
  • Did not attach the correct documents to the forms (didn't read instructions);
  • Did not include documents (read the instructions, but the instructions were outdated);
  • Sent the application to the wrong office;
  • Attached a check or money order in the wrong amount;
  • Wrote the wrong government name on the check or money order;
  • Skipped questions on the forms;
  • Answered the questions on the forms incorrectly;
  • Did not know that they should wait 60 days after entry to avoid a fraud allegation;
  • Sent a hospital birth record instead of a government issued birth certificate;
  • Used the name on the passport instead of using the name on the birth certificate;
  • Forgot to include adoption court records even when birth certificate revised;
  • Did not know to ask for an Advisory Opinion from the Dept. of State for a J-1 visa;
  • Did not send proof of the co-sponsor's legal status; and/or,
  • Sent a medical exam that was not properly filled out by the doctor.
Errors in Marriage Green Card Package Can Cause 2-3 Month Delay or DenialThe most difficult part for non-professionals is that they will not have access to immigration officers that are handling their particular case - they will only have access to customer service representatives who have general information, some of which is outdated. Also, the job of the customer service representatives is not necessarily to help the customers avoid deportation.If a marriage green card package is sent with errors, one of three things can happen. Either the government will accept the package and mail a request that the error be fixed, or the government will send the entire package back. The third thing that happens is that the error is discovered by the immigration officer at the time of the marriage green card interview, causing them to consider denial of the marriage green card.The consequences of errors are the same as before - delay or denial. However, if the Marriage Green Card package is prepared correctly, a marriage green card can arrive in the mail within 3 - 6 months which is faster than ever before.

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