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Learn The Basics From The Professionals But Don"t Go Crazy

It's no longer a secret that professionals golfers haveconstant swings every time they hit theirs shots and this where the fun begins watching major events like US Open, British,President Cups and many others.
However do all golfers watch the events the same way? Some of them sitting in their living room will simply go nuts when they will see Tiger Woods hit over 320 yards and will scream so loud, that even your baby will wake up and ask what's going on! Of course all they are looking is where the ball goes, because the cameramen has no choice following the guidelines.
At 140 miles per hour, you have no time watching Tiger Woods swing.
Have you ever tought about using a recorder when Tiger makes his downswing and replay slow motion to see where and how he widen his stance, position his ball forward, hover the clubhead above the ball, point front foot toward target, how he does not rush his backswing, how he hits hard with his right hand, when and where he breaks his right wrist on his downswing, how he stand at the impact and how he terminates his swing? You see most golfers admire professionals golfers and I am one of them.
However take advantage of theses events to record as much as you can, theirs swings for personal use.
You will not become professional the day after, remembers theses guys have started 20 years ago and even more.
This will help you understand many factors about golf if you want to pursue in this sport.
But if you just want to have fun with your friends on a fairway and don't boughter about learning , next time just sit with your bags of chips and liquors and continue watching, without waking up your kid.
You never know if your kid will not be the next Tiger Woods generation.
Have fun and enjoy golf Robert

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