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Care of Musical Instruments for Kids

    Playing and Storing with Care

    • No matter what instrument your child uses, there are universal and instrument-specific care instructions. All instruments are delicate and need to be handled gently. This rule applies when being used and stored. When your child uses an instrument, you want to emphasize that it is not a toy and to be careful to not drop it, hit it against other objects or let other people handle it other than their music instructor.

      When an instrument is not in use, it needs to be put away in its case. Storing it in any other type of device can result in damage to the instrument. There are display stands for certain instruments you can purchase at your local music store if your child wants it displayed in his/her room, but be sure to consult with a representative at the store for the right type of stand if you are considering this option.

    Parent's Responsibility

    • As a parent, you need to educate your child on the cost of the instrument and how important it is to take care of the instrument. Educate your child about the financial responsibilities you have with this musical instrument. Part of letting your child become the best musician he/she can be is to ensure honesty about all aspects you are responsible for with the instrument and to answer questions your child has about your parental responsibility with the instrument.

    Child's Responsibility

    • Your child's No. 1 responsibility is to learn as much as he/she can with his/her instrument to expand musical knowledge. Instrument lockers are usually available at school to avoid carelessness and so others cannot tamper with the instrument if left at school overnight.

    Instrument Care Accessories and Supplies

    • Many accessories and supplies are available for all instruments. Reeds and strings are among the most common things replaced because of their constant use. If your child uses instruments that require reeds and strings, be sure you have an appropriate supply ready at all times. Polishes and swabs are available for all instruments and can be used sparingly to maintain the look of the instrument. Be sure to supervise your child when she uses cleaning chemicals and to read all directions carefully.


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